Sunday, 9 January 2011

Luna Maya dan Ariel

Latest gossip Luna Maya, Luna Maya Ariel, two names that can not be separated but Eits .. This is not talking about the latest gossip Luna Maya and Ariel. but actually I was confused by two celebrity names on the "Luna Maya Ariel"

Luna Maya dan ArielIt has long been well ya not ngomonin gossip on this blog? Gatel dehh felt this hand? Hm.... (:: garukin dong::) when it comes to the latest gossip luna hell before (14/04/2009) My immediate danger of the luna infotaiment ariel said udeh marry in Bali? trus luna ngebantahnya while angry? :: Wwweeeeehhh:: Wahh i do not know i do not know boong bener anyway it does not concern me too ..... yahh wakakak

What Make Okay and Steady hell about Gossip Luna maya-jauhh tuhh not far from the ariel? rich from it .. it had not been exhausted aja, gossip from the ariel was single, married ariel, ariel ariel divorce and now a widower ... luna name must be on the news gossip, maybe later if emang Later the same ariel Luna maya Married new yahh times over?

Gossip Luna maya and ariel emang not have the death of the first? yahh why rich beautiful artist luna not find another guy who wrote in gosipin not let emang not mention if there is a relationship together ariel so, yaaa so rich bocahiseng wakakak ngareppp ..... but even if wanted to, I prefer the aura kasih aja dehh Xixi ahh much better at ... apain dubrak ... yahh ..

So basically the name of Luna maya and Ariel are two names that are difficult to be separated like vegetables without tamarind or tamarind roast duck without the 'B' (roast duck without the 'B' = EEK Bake, do not tasty) and must have the latest gossip is that essentially luna certainly not far away from the ariel. Correct? udeh ah so many artists today gossip udeh not gatel again this hand

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